Working with Good Works made me realize how there are still good people in the world.  They even changed my daughter's beliefs!  The volunteers were a great group of people to be around and were very nice.  I loved spending time with them and learning new things.

Truly thankful for this experience, 


The cheerful, heartfelt sincerity of the Good Works' volunteers has touched my heart.  Everyone was God focused, caring, sincere, very motivated, hard working and humble.  They definitely showed me the love of Jesus and it meant so much.  Meeting everyone, getting to know them and having fellowship was the highlight of the whole experience.  What a reminder of Christian values, sharing his love and trusting God.

My home is old and needed quite a bit of rehab.  The volunteers worked hard, were caring and took time with details and followed through.  

God is so good,


Good Works has relieved my stress about our roof blowing off of the trailer - the stress had a negative impact on my health.  The Good Works volunteers were as awesome and as kind as I have seen in people in a long time.  I enjoyed the prayers with the folks and the whole experience has made me want to be closer with God.

Thankful for God's goodness,

Dorinda & Patrick

We really enjoyed having Good Works work at our house.  I enjoyed Gail & Gerry coming by and praying for our daughter and the fellowship they gave.  We will really miss the volunteers and praying with them.  I really enjoyed being with other believers and people who have God as the center of their faith.  It was a pleasure to be with them.  

Thank God today and every day for Good Works,

Alice & Victor

The Good Works folks made me see that there are people who have good in their hearts and also, made me see how to trust in myself.  The volunteers became like a part of my family and I will always think of every one of them as one.  

I have come out of this Good Works experience believing that there is good in people and has made me more trusting.  I feel closer to God and believe in the goodness of others.

Thankful to God and Good Works,


I don't have to cry anymore.  I know that there is a light at the end of this.  Per my son Isaiah, "nothing comes free - you have to work for it" (Isaiah helped with a lot of the work.)  Per my daughter Jaida, "Since I'm leaving soon for the Navy, I'm glad that my mom doesn't have to worry anymore."

Everyone has been great.  Always helpful! I'm so glad that I got to know everyone and that I got to meet new people.  Note: All Good Works volunteers have been wonderful.  Last summer there was a group from Maryland where 2 kids did most of the work and the work they did was well done.  Jaida said, "I'm impressed that this is all done by volunteers.  No one HAS to do this!"  (Jaida helped with the summer camp work.)

Since Good Works has been in my life, I have been praying more and have seen the blessings that God has shared with me.  I have started attending church and the kids have been attending different activities at the same church.  

Good Works changed our lives,