Where do I begin?!  The generosity of Good Works and all of its staff and volunteers is overwhelming. To say my faith in humanity has been restored is an understatement. Although I'm still coming to grips with my disability, the physical changes to my home will be appreciated for years to come.   The organization has truly been a blessing in my life and I know that God is working through them all.  


All of the volunteers were warm, caring and friendly - easy to approach and talk to.  Sometimes I was frustrated living with boxes and furniture piled high - the chaos of construction but now that we're coming to the end - I'm feeling more optimistic than ever.  I loved meeting new people.  I loved seeing how Good Works changed my life and knowing that you have changed the lives of others.  I have inquired about paying Good Works generosity forward and helping in the future.  Since I am a great cook and baker, I want to help feed the crews in other projets.  I know I can't do much physically but I can do that.


Before I even knew about Good Works, I prayed for help with my health, finances and home.  An injury in 2012 left me unable to work full time.  My case worker at the state who was helping me file for disability and insurance told me about Good Works so I applied.  Almost a year later I got a call and the rest is history!  God truly works in mysterious ways; He brought Good Works and your amazing volunteers into my life.  I continually pray with and for my 2nd Saturday crew.  I absolutely "love" my "boys".  


Forever grateful -


I have become more thankful through this Good Works experience.  The physical improvements to my house will last for years and I feel like I'm a better person after watching the volunteers.  I found them to be professional, friendly, good people who care about the quality of work they are doing.  I couldn't believe the number of people who showed up to work on my house (especially when they were working on the roof).  I feel so blessed and know now that God is watching over me.  


Thank you, Good Works,


Good Works made it possible for things to get repaired that I would not have ever been able to afford. Their help was great.  The volunteers were friendly and helpful and I really enjoyed getting to know other people.  I wish I hadn't waited so long to apply for help.  


Helpless no more,


What an experience!  My happiness and hope have been restored.  When I saw how selfless and giving the volunteers were, I was humbled and grateful.  I so looked forward to the workdays when I would meet wonderful people doing all levels of work.  Thank you Good Works.  


Happy and hopeful,


God put Good Works in my life.  It was such a positive experience.  The volunteers were very nice and acted like it was a privilege to help me.  These people showed their thoughtfulness in many ways. I especially liked our times of prayer and fellowship when we would just talk.  What a blessing to have such compassionate people come to my home.  I have been invited to church and now I am going!


Thank you God and Good Works,