I was suffering from depression because of worry not knowing what I would do in emergencies.  Not anymore, thanks to Good Works.   I thought that all of the Good Works workers were so pleasant and made me feel that someone cares.  I really enjoyed seeing and talking to team workers.  

I think that I was losing my faith but I started reading the Bible more and finding comfort.


Forever grateful, 


Everyone from Good Works was wonderful and very kind.  They are a blessing and it was great to get to know them!  This experience showed me how there are a lot of people who take time out of their lives to help others and we should try and do the same.  

I see now how God works through each of us - through our gifts, talents, and kindness.


Thanking God for Good Works,


Good Works had a major impact on living and my personal life.  I loved all of the friendly outgoing workers and I really enjoyed bonding with everyone.  

I truly felt uplifted by the prayers that were said for me.  I will miss all my Good Works "friends".  


Hopeful again,


Good Works has been a blessing to me.  I cannot find the right words to tell how much this organization changed my life.  I appreciated how Good Works is moving forward and preparing the way for God's work.  I was so impressed by how they work, the way they work and get involved with people of all color and that they give of their time freely.  The best times were when we were talking about God and our Lord Jesus Christ.


Blessed beyond measure,


Working with Good Works has reinforced my belief that there is good in people. The work that was done has not only improved my home but my psychological well being.  I am now able to move forward in life.  This experience brought me out of my depression and my daughter's also - knowing that we can come home after work to a nice house.  

The Good Works volunteers were FABULOUS!  They were caring, respectful, nonjudgmental, and loving.

I am not religious but the positive aspect of my involvement with Good Works was to see the outpouring of love and determination of everyone I came across in the organization.  It is clear that God was a guide.


Thank you Good Works,