Well this experience has taught me that I need to repent of loving stuff more than God wants me to.  I have learned to repent of selfishness and the importance to God that we serve others. The Good Works volunteers were an example of selflessness and showed an eagerness to help that I had not seen before.  Each workday was a chance to see the love of Christ played out.  Proverbs 11: "the one who blesses others is abundantly blessed."

Grateful for all that Good Works did and continues to do,

Jack & Jenny

From the moment we applied to Good Works, we felt that unconditional, true love was directed toward us.  The volunteers were meek, humble, ready to work and very helpful which was inspirational to us.  It was so relaxing to have Good Works at our home - we were able to spend time in the spiritual, good news of God.  

This experience renewed our commitment to continue to pass on that "Jesus Saves" and that Jesus has everything you would ever need in life through his unconditional Love.

God is so good,

Jim & Gladys

Good Works did things for me that I could not do for myself.  They've made my life easier by making me more comfortable living in my home. They replaced my windows.  I hate being cold and now i'm not.  

All the Good Works volunteers were very friendly and helpful.  I got to know many of these "good people". 

I enjoyed the Bible studies and learned more about the truth of who God is.  I feel that I am personally growing in God. It was a good experience.

So thankful,


It was so inspiring to see God acting through the Good Works crew.  They came to make my home safe and secure but it became much more than that.  I am so very appreciative of their kindness and consideration.  It was wonderful and I feel like these friendly Good Works folks are now family.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


It was nice to meet new people.  Everyone on the Good Works team seemed so willing to help and to work hard.  They were always friendly.  

I enjoyed the Bible Studies.  I already knew God/Jesus but this helped in the day to day since I could not get to church due to COVID.  It was nice to be able to have "classes" here.

Thankful to God and Good Works,