I'm going to be warmer this winter and dry whenever it rains!  For the first time in 15 years, I'll be warm and dry without drafts.  This is life changing!  I will wake up this winter and not be cold!

The care team from Good Works is fantastic.  I love each of them.  They will be missed.

The Good Works people are amazing.  I feel blessed to have met each one.  

I feel like this whole experience brought me back to thinking about my relationship with Jesus.


Good Works is the best -


Repairs have given me a greater, better quality of living; it has improved 100%.  For example, I no longer worry about falling in the tub with my new shower.  And I no longer worry about the constant leak in my kitchen sink or the fire hazard of fan and lights. 

The Good Works volunteers are very dedicated workers who try hard.  They are easy to be around and I felt comfortable with them. I loved being around good-hearted, dedicated workers serving God.  

Good Works made my life better.


Thanking God for Good Works,


The knowledge that there are really good people in htis world that are willing to go above and beyond to make things happen has had such a positive impact on our lives. 

All of the Good Works volunteers were excellent and did an amazing job.  They really got to know a lot about us and we learned a lot from them.

The best part for me was being able to watch all the hard efforts put in by everyone and the satisfaction on Dave's face as he was in and out of the hospital.

I now have a stronger belief in God and know that He is continually watching over my family through all of our struggles.  I know that God is very strong for Dave as he continues to fight a long health battle.


Thankful as a family,


Good Works has brought the positive work of Jesus back into our lives.  We are thankful for the Bible and the Good Works Crew.  Our home is safer and newer looking.  The volunteers were very nice and friendly.  They have done the most wonderful job on our home!  They cleaned up after themselves every time.  Whenever we asked any questions about the improvements, they answered them with professionalism, compassion, and pride.  

Being around the happy volunteers was a joy!  Their excellent work on our home was the best, of course.  And on the dedication day talking about God with the Good Works members and talking about some of our experiences was something we will never forget. It was so special for them to remember and speak about my mother (Carolyn Wischuck) who passed in June 2017.

I have been slacking off in attending church and being around all these lovely people has made my heart feel good and recognize that I need more of God in my life once again.  I'm going to be attending church every Sunday instead of once every couple of months.  My goal is to bring my husband and son along to the service!


Forever grateful,


My experience with Good Works has taught me to share with the less fortunate and that God is always there!  The volunteers were like family and I felt that love and God were present.  Really enjoyed our times of prayer.  Because of my time with Good Works, my prayer time has increased and I have a deeper caring for others.


Thank you, Good Works -