It's extremely reassuring to know that there are people in this world who care and show their love unconditionally as much as these people from Good Works.  Then when you see the wonderful caliber of  work that they do and come to realize that they are my new family in Christ.  This is has been such an incredible journey in my life and I give all the glory to my Risen Lord and Savior.

The Good Works volunteers were second to none - loving, kind, devoted, my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.  God has given me, through this experience, the desire to get involved and to become a Good Works Ambassador.


Grateful beyond words, 


My house was "going down."  Good Works did everything that was needed and more.   My whole house is better and the Good Works volunteers were excellent and so very friendly.  It felt like the people of Good Works had God in them and I myself feel closer to God after this experience.


Truly blessed and comforted,


I will always be grateful for everything that Good Works did not only for my house but for my soul as well.    The volunteers were great people who were kind, loving, hard working and I will never forget them!

It meant so much to me to watch my house being put back together as well as Pastor Bob and BIll spending time with me.  They renewed my faith and love.

Good Works showed me that God can work through people to help others.


Praise the Lord for Good Works,


Good Works brought comfort to me and my home and made it safe and warm.  The Good Works' volunteers were a pleasure to meet.  I loved working with and learning from all of them.

I felt like this Good Works experience had a hand in keeping me close to our Lord through the sharing of His word and love.  


With a grateful heart,


I've been brought closer to God.  I no longer live in darkness - the Light shines through - not only in my house, but it also shines in/on me.  Good Works helped me to see the "Light" that was here all along.  

The volunteers were "angels" from God.  They showed me such love and compassion and were good, friendly, kind and warm.

I was brought back to God and along with the repairs, my house is now a home again.

I have been spiritually and physically renewed.


So thankful,