The workers were nice, pleasant, well-mannered, good folks who repaired and improved our home.  They were always ready to oblige and worked hard while we were getting to know each other.  The Good Works volunteers worked for us but also worked for the Lord.

So very thankful, 

Bob & Leeza

Good Works has helped me to be able to stay in my house.  This whole experience took a lot off of my shoulders.  I no longer have to worry about my roof and windows.  I absolutely loved the volunteers who came to my house and they made me realize that there are good people in the world and not all bad.  Because of the witness and encouragement of the Good Works people, I have started looking for a church to go to.  

Forever grateful for Good Works,


Being around the Good Works people has been great.  Their help and encouragement made us feel good.  The transformation to our house was incredible - especially the tub/shower situation.  All the repairs were done by Godly people doing good works.

God is faithful,

Jeanie & Jerry

My Good Works experience brought joy to my life.  I really enjoyed the younger volunteers and especially liked chatting with them.  I looked forward to interacting with the volunteers every month.  I could not believe that there were so many God fearing people working on my home.

So thankful,


God works in mysterious ways!  Because of Good Works the quality of my life has improved, my hope has been restored and my faith in humanity has been restored.  The volunteers were great and I felt like I made new friends.  I was so glad that no one ever made me feel bad about my medical issues.  I'm sure that if I wasn't a Christian, I would become one with the help of Good Works.

Renewed, restored and thankful,


This was a very good experience Enjoyed and appreciated all the volunteers who worked.  Everyone seemed to be very nice, considerate, caring, sharing and helpful.  I will miss them ALL.  I enjoyed the patience that they all had with me.  I enjoyed speaking about the "Word"  and sharing scriptures and beliefs.  I have a strong relationship with Jehova God but to be able to share what what I found in the scriptures and the whys, hows, etc. was a heartfelt one.                                                                                                              Praising God for Good Works