I feel a lot safer with my new roof!! I have been scared for years since I have an old (1970) mobil home. I now have 2 (two) sets of steps at my doors in case I have a fire, etc.  All of the Good Works volunteers were wonderful.  They were so nice and friendly.  They all seemed very capable doing the work they did - especially Linda and Jack Allen .

We had a lot of fun and the Good Works people were so nice. I so looked forward to them coming every month.  I will miss them.  

God knows - I deeply appreciate all that they did for me.


Thank you Good Works -


The Good Works volunteers were a comfort and had a very positive atittude - they felt like family.  I always looked forward to Good Works coming.  I made a lot of friends which brought comfort to my soul. These Good Works folks were some of the most extraordinary people that I have ever met in my life.  For their ability to take time for me, to help me, to making my home safe - it was amazing to see people willing to give up their time to help me.  Also, the camaraderie, just being with loving, kind people who were very caring, restored my hope in human beings and the human race.

I go to church more now and I pray every night.  God has become more real to me as a reslt of being with the Good Works people.  I feel close to God and feel that sharing with the Good Works crew has helped me to understand God's plan for my life.


Praising God and Good Works for a new start,


I am blessed and thankful for the home repairs that Good Works completed on my home.  All of the volunteers were caring and respectful.  I so enjoyed the moments when we were able to laugh together while doing repairs.  Good Works showed me how important it is to help others.  The support and education from Good Works provided me the confidence that I needed to continue my relationship with God.


So thankful for the experience,


I was cold and depressed.  I used to just sit in the living room under blankets - very depressing.  This winter I will be warm and very happy and will feel the joy that Good Works brought me.  The volunteers were terrific and made me so happy.  The new windows are a blessing - no more need to tape plastic to my windows in the winter.  The Good Works volunteers worked together as a team.  There was no squabbling and everyone got along with each other and with me.


Reassured and feeling hopeful,


Good Works has had a great impact on me.  It is so wonderful knowing that there are still good people out there willing to help people in need like myself.  The volunteers were a great working crew with eager and willing to help personalities. I will never forget the fellowship, the conversation and their genuine Christian spirit.  I am so blessed to have God's grace and mercy in my life.


Thankful once again for Good Works,