My house has been fixed with new windows and a new floor.  I no longer have cold air coming in and there is a fresh coat of paint.  The Good Works volunteers have taken the worries away and made my home warmer.  All the workers were kind, courteous and very respectful.  We all laughed and prayed together!  They brought cheer and worked hard.  Meeting some of the workers' wives was a lovely experience.  I enjoyed being able to share with each other our problems and good times.  Praying together lifted my spirits.  

I thank God for all the people who are being helped by Good Works.  All this being volunteered is such a blessing and I am so thankful.  When we met together, it made no difference the color of our skin.  We are all God's children and are striving to make heaven our home.  I give our Lord Jesus all the praise and glory!

So very thankful, 


Good Works has changed my life dramatically - from their continuous support, love and encouragement, the togetherness that was displayed has filled my home with tender love and affection and I will be forever grateful.  I was overwhelmed with contentment and felt myself becoming very comfortable, almost as if the volunteers were a part of my "immediate" family. 

As my faith increased, my commitment to God deepened and I desired to have a Baptism.  This ultimately led me to have a more accurate knowledge of the Bible and God's standards. 

During my younger years, I thought that God had forgotten me.  However, I have been renewed (spiritually) and I owe it to Good Works for their undeserved kindness and love.

Forever grateful for Good Works,


The Good Works repairs have greatly improved my life.  I have much less to worry about.  The advocates who came to my home, shared themselves and the love of God.  They genuinely care about me.  I felt the love of Jesus through them.  They cared about my family and often asked about the kids. 

I am so thankful for the relationships I developed with Gary, Jim, Carlis and John.  Of course, I am also so very thankful for the many improvements made to my home.  God is faithful and a good provider.  Good Works is an instrument of God!

God is faithful,


All of the Good Works people were great - they showed concern and wanted to help.  It was so wonderful meeting good people with a good Christian base who I now have as lifetime friends.  The repair work has been a life saver - laundry upstairs and now my heating bills have been greatly reduced. This whole experience has helped me to reconnect with God and to recognize that it's His power that takes care of everything.  HE comes first!

Hope restored,


First of all, I am thankful to God for sending me Good Works!  The repairs and fellowship with both teams made a world of difference.  I love all of them.  It lifted my spirits up with all of the work they did - lots and lots of little things.  I cannot believe how much they did - lots of things that I never even thought of.  It blessed me to get to know and interact with the workers.  They were all nice.

Thank you Good Works,