My first impression of the Good Works volunteers was the willingness of so many people to give of themselves repeatedly.  They didn't forget me - I received cards from the Boston work crew after they left last summer.

I can't do the regular maintenance and other work that really needs to be done anymore.  Good Works has made it possible for me to stay in my home and to be safe.  I could not have paid for some of the repairs required by my insurance.  

I am going to "pass on" God's gifts to people who need them when I can.


So grateful, 


Our experience with Good Works has shown us how we in turn can be ONE!  AMAZED!  I didn't know that there were people or organizations out there that did this kind of work - people who cared that much.

We were very impressed with their work ethic and kindnesses!  The Good Works volunteers were very humble and inclusive; asked for and respected our opinions.  They were very KIND!

We so appreciated that we could work right with them.  It was a true case of Emmanuel - "God with us!"


Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts,

Eric & Sheila

We cannot begin to describe the impact physically and emotionally that Good Works had on us.  We've made so many new friends and have gained so much inspiration .  We cannot thank God enough for their service and dedication.

I cannot say enough about all the volunteers and their cheerfulness, respect and consideration.  I love seeing young people who care enough to do service for God and show us that there is still love and compassion in today's world.  

We so enjoyed the Good Works volunteers and especially the time of reflection and spiritual discussions with the ambassador.  I've always had a loving and caring God in my life.  I believe in the power of praer and in miracles which Good Works has enhanced even further.  I can't do what I used to do but I pray that in some small way I can continue to do service and help others as God intends his children to do.


Thank you Good Works for blessing us in every way,

Donna & Bill

I already practice my faith and put my trust in the Lord and Good Works reinforced my commitment to my relationship with Him. 

I felt that I was able to open up more to be able to interact with the Work Crew.  I was so very imprresed with the Summer Youth Work Crew as well as the St. Joseph's work group.  I liked everything that the Good Works crews did and, also, the support of the office staff.


Forever thankful,


If not for Good Works, I couldn't have gotten any of the much needed repairs done. There was no one to help me.

All of the volunteers got along with each other and did good work.  They are good people and so easy to get along with.  I liked that Jesus was a part of the process and that they prayed during the work day.

This whole experience with Good Works just reminded me of what I've always known - that God is good and that He takes care of me.


So thankful for Good Works -