I was impressed that there are people who don't even know me who cared enough to work on my house.  The Good Works volunteers were all very friendly, good hearted, caring and also respectful of my home.  I couldn't wait for the work days and seeing the volunteers coming to fix my home.  I will totally miss seeing them.  The work was great but I really appreciated the people and the relationships that I formed.


This Good Works experience was a big part of making me more aware and hopeful in my relationship with the Lord. When we read the Bible it helped me feel like God was with me. I know the prayers from Good Works helped me to get through the tough days.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart Good Works -


Good Works put faith back into our lives.  We were "down on our luck" and Good Works came in and lifted our spirits.  We had always believed but having people here showing us love first hand really put things into perspective. No words that I write could properly express how much everyone impacted our lives and how much we appreciated them.  Everyone is wonderful and we are definitely going to miss having everyone around once a month.  If we had questions, someone was always willing to go that extra mile to find an answer if they didn't know.  We really enjoyed talking with everyone.  Thank you, Good Works.


Missing everyone already,

Linda & Dawn

I had never felt so lost or alone until the day of my fire.  Good Works, the volunteers, and the people who run it, gave me a second chance to keep on living.   They were very nice, giving people who seemed to enjoy learning something new and they all seemed to get along. I now have a home to come home to.  


This whole experience reminded me to care more for others.  No matter how bad things might be going for me, there is always someone who is worse off.  It also reminded me of how far off we can wonder and forget who really has control over everything.  God has been keeping me busy taking care of a handicapped couple who had a fire.  If I hadn't gone through what I did, I wouldn't have understood the hardships they face.  


God Bless each and every one of you,


Good Works showed us love through people and from the first, attention was paid to what was needed.  The volunteers were absolutely outstanding and were positive spirits.  We so enjoyed the fellowship and some of the unexpected repairs.  We have always had a personal relationship with God; however, having a group of people in your home woking on God's plan has had a positive impact on our lives.  We loved having everyone from Good Works here.  


Beyond grateful,

Dorothy & Joe

I now love my house and feel more secure!  I was going crazy with handymen who didn't know what they were doing and were not dependable. The Good Works volunteers did work and the jobs were done well.  They put in the hard work and demonstrated expertise in their repairs.  


The whole experience was inspiring - it strengthened my faith in God and people.  There was genuine love, friendship and faith displayed and I am so grateful for the charity shown to me. I now have an improved relationship with God and am so thankful for the constant uplift from the volunteers.  They were amazing!


Grateful for Good Works,