The help and care shown to me (and all of us) by Good Works was wonderful.  They are all loving people who are a great bunch of workers.  My faith and relationship with God has grown stronger and made me want to bring others to my church.


Thank you so much for your loving care, 


I was in a rough personal spot and the Good Works volunteers came to help with the house and helped my spirit.  You guys are wonderful!  So welcoming and the best people I have met in my entire life.  I have done mission work with my church.  This was the first time that I let anyone minister to me and it is different on the the receiving end.  I loved building relationships and talking with the Good Works volunteers.

I was in a low spot in my walk with God and being around the Good Works volunteers helped me move to a better place with God.  The volunteers were responsible for helping me move to a better relationship with God.


You are Angels on Earth,


Good Works opened their arms to me.  The volunteers made me feel like there are people out there who really care.  I felt good - it warmed my heart up - brought me closer to the Lord.

The volunteers acted like a family.  They all stuck together and found a way to work things out with the Lord and each other.  I could not wait for that first Saturday of the month.  The new people would come out and I could open up a little to them - I loved to pray and work with them.  

God sent the Good Works people here for a reason.  There are a lot of people out there who have it worse than I do.  I have my ups and downs but He knew that this year was going to be rough for me.  I do not handle the death of someone too well.  And Good Works and the Lord were there for me. 

All the letters, support and help pulled me through this year - more than you know.  I felt peace when the Good Works people were here.  I loved working with all of you and wish I could do more.


With all of my heart I want to thank you very much,


I so appreciated the help and the time spent talking.  I have so much to say about this experience with Good Works that I just can't explain.  The Good Works volunteers showed me that they cared and helped me to understand that everybody needs a hand some time.  

The talks that we had were so good and helped me with learning to be patient.  Also, I enjoyed hearing about the history of Good Works.


Thanks for everything,


My experience with Good Works made me believe even more in God!  It was such a positive experience and my son and I feel much safer in our home.  

I just loved the people who worked at my home and couldn't have asked for a better group of volunteers than all we have encountered.  I had such a great time interacting with the great help.  It was a connection to God while making our home safe.  


Thanks to Good Works -