2019 Summer Appeal

Teddy never thought he would be asking someone for help. He considered himself a self-made man, fiercely independent and ready to take on the world. He came from a family of military veterans. His father served in the Army Air Corps during WWII, his brother Wes joined the Air Force as a B-52 mechanic and his other brother Frank served with the Army 101st Airborne. Teddy chose the Navy because he heard, “the food is good and you can see the world.” His plan was to go into aviation but the Navy had a different idea. He was sent to school to become a guided missile technician, then deployed on a Navy destroyer.


In 1974, Teddy fulfilled his Navy commitment and reinvented himself as a carpenter, doing framing and finish work until “the bottom dropped out in 1988.” “The recession left too little work for too many tradesmen,” Teddy lamented. It was then that Teddy took a job with the U.S. Post Office as a clerk. He didn’t enjoy the work but it paid the bills. Disaster struck in 2018 when Teddy’s son Michael passed away suddenly at the age of 24. It devastated Teddy, and seemed to be the final blow in a life where so many things didn’t turn out the way he had hoped.


The mobile home park manager where Teddy lives noticed his home had slipped into noticeable disrepair. He was the one who suggested Teddy contact Good Works. In Teddy’s words: “I’m not the kind of guy who asks for help, but my place was going down fast and so was I.”


Teddy now works part time as a delivery driver for a local auto parts store. “Things are starting to happen for me,” Teddy shared. “I’m overwhelmed by the work Good Works is doing. This project is like a ground up restoration of a ’57 Chevy.” Good Works volunteers began work in April by replacing all the windows and installing new vinyl siding on the home. The interior has been gutted and new walls and utilities are being installed. Teddy is applying his carpentry skills to help with the project, and will also be doing the majority of the drywall finishing. Teddy describes the entire process as a miracle: “I’m convinced that God and my son helped make this happen. Smack me! This must be a dream!”


You can hear the change in Teddy’s comments, as despair is replaced with hope. You are responsible for that change because we cannot do what we do without you. Summer is the time of year we most need your help. We have enough volunteers to work on over 50 homes, but donations are traditionally lower. You can reverse that trend – and your gift will buy the materials we need to keep our volunteers busy transforming lives and demonstrating God’s love. You will make a difference!