Youth Work Camp FAQ

What do we do?

We show the love of Jesus Christ as we repair the homes of those in need. We often form very close relationships with the homeowners for whom we work.

Where do we work?

Our home base is in Coatesville; however, we have also worked on homes in the Parkesburg and Downingtown Areas.

Where do we sleep?

A local church in Coatesville graciously opens their doors to us each year.  We take over air conditioned Sunday school rooms and make use of multipurpose rooms for our meetings, meals and worship.

What do we eat?

All meals from Sunday evening through Saturday breakfast are provided. Food is home-made and very plentiful. Special diets can be accommodated with prior notice. 

What if I am not experienced in home repair?

Don't worry! You will have learned a lot after spending a week at Good Works!  Advisors who are experienced Good Works volunteers and have technical expertise will oversee the work at each site.  If you need some instruction in how to accomplish the tasks assigned for that day, these men and women will be happy to teach you!  The Work Crew Leaders provided by your church will also be able to help you do a quality job.  Teenagers often surprise their parents when returning home with their new-found skills.

Do I need to bring tools?

You should bring work gloves, eye protection, a nail apron and a tape measure.  We have a fully stocked supply shed where many other tools can be checked out for your use.  A list of some additional items needed for each Work Crew will be sent to your church leaders with their registration packet. 

How about building supplies?

All materials and supplies are furnished. In fact, we have several trucks on the road each day that can stop at a supply store and deliver anything you might need.

What kind of work will I be doing?

That is hard to say because it depends on what repairs your house needs and the skills of your crew.  In the past, Work Camp participants have done roofing, framing, concrete work, painting, drywall, electrical and plumbing work.  

What is a typical day like?

Click here to see a typical schedule.

What do we do in the evenings and free time?


Good Works orientation program


Good Works program


Swimming at the local YMCA with a picnic dinner provided.


Rita's/Dairy Queen and Devotions


Picnic at the local county park with our homeowners. You can invite your families to join us if you let us know beforehand.


Closing worship with Communion.

Saturday                   Pack up and go