I have so much appreciation for all the work that Good Works did to improve my home, especially completing the floor,  The volunteers seemed to truly enjoy their work and were 100% friendly. 

It was so great to watch the improvement of my home and the process of making it more livable.  My house could have been condemned if not for Good Works

My house feels like more of a home now and  I appreciate God more now.

Thankful to Good Works and God,


An absolute need was met by Good Works.  I am so thankful.  I would never have been able to do these projects.  

The Good Works volunteers were all generous, Godly men and women who serve the needs of others with joy!  The fellowship put a smile on my face.  I watched as they willingly gave their time.  

God is good.  He always meets our needs.  Even if we don't ask. 

Still so thankful and smiling,


This whole experience with Good Works has made my life a lot easier physically and mentally.  The young volunteer were very nice and friendly - like angels. 

What a relief to watch the successes happen even with the challenges we had!  We overcame the challenges and it was such a blessing.  It was great getting to know the workers and ambassadors.  

Through Good Works, God has proved that mankind has the same principles as He has - not all angels have wings but some do!

Feeling grateful and blessed,


Good Works got a lot of things done that I could not do myself.  I met so many nice people who were good company for me.  They were friendly and courteous and are free to come to my house any time.

Good Works did stuff that nneded repairing and I have no bad words to say about any of them. 

It was a thrill to see God provide through Good Works.  

Thankful for God's faithfulness,


Good Works has been a God send.  The workers were generous, caring, and supportive in our time of need.  I can't say enough about the awsome volunteers who listened, and coordinated meeting our needs. 

It was great that their was a consistent group there each time - it made the experience more comfortable.  Meeting the team members, witnessing their talents, getting to know them better was a highlight every month.  I also enjoyed their singing with my daghter's 80's music. :-)

It was a delight to hear and share God stories with this team.  I realized through all of this that I have the gift of encouragement!

Thankful and telling others about Good Works,

Russell and Kim