I now have comfort in knowing that there is improved safety for my mom.  It is such a blessing that there is an organization like Good Works.  Mom enjoyed the volunteers who were nice and so easy to talk to.  She said, "There are no words to describe how I feel about these volunteers who showed up at my house who were so wonderful and caring.  I was so blessed that Bob P came weekly by himself and on his own to talk to me.

I have been much more faithful in reading the Bible every day and praying.  I am just much more aware of God in my life and thankful for God in my life."

A grateful homeowner (and daughter),


This experience made me more open and up for love because God is Love.  God sent Good Works to help my family and me out when we needed help.  It is so wonderful to think that there is a lovable operation like Good Works. Our lives have been improved by all of the repairs done to our home. Everything that Good Works did we needed - they were a God send.  

Grateful and humbled,

Richard and Pam

Good Works has improved my quality of life.  It feels so good because people will stop and comment on how nice the house looks now.  I loved all of the volunteers - they were so nice.  I made friends with these folks. 

I remember the original youth group teens and how I so enjoyed them. 

I have always been deep in my faith but this Good Works experience has helped me to draw even closer to God.

Eternally grateful,


I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for these Good Works folks!! I love everyone and will miss their company and shared stories and humor.  The volunteers are all so wonderful, Godly people, so caring and all love to laugh. I liked being with other believers and the ambassadors and sharing scriptures and prayers.  I also got to share stories and recipes with some of the female helpers.

This whole experience has helped to deepen my faith and that of my daughter Christine and my other children.  It gave me hope that most of my house has been restored.  

Thankful and joyful,


I feel like a joyfu child again.  I no longer dread the day.  The volunteers "put up with me". Each workday was a bright spot in my life.  I so enjoyed gathering together to ask the Lord's blessing.  

I found Jesus Christ and asked him into my life and He is changing me.  He has given me a joy that I thought was impossible.  I now see that God loved me even when I thought that I was unlovable.

Truly grateful,