Throughout this experience, there was kindness from all.  Good Works helped me and provided relief for a single parent.  The volunteers worked as a team and took the stress off of me.

The more time that Good Works spent at my home, the more I was able to think about God.

A grateful father,


The volunteers of the Good Works organization lifted my spirit and gave me hope through their kindness, generosity and their love of God.  I feel like I was reborn again!   

I was amazed at how caring they are.  And I was impresed with their skills and knowledge.  The volunteers were very patient with me with regard to what I felt comfortable with concerning home improvements and discarding (decluttering) items.

I really enjoyed getting to know these people and reconnecting with God.  I now pray more and try to live my life daily with God in it.

Grateful and humbled,


I am so thankful to Good Works for the excellent and skilled work that they did.  They were friendly volunteers who did good work even when new issues/things came up.

They were so positive and helped when my daughter had COVID-19!

With much appreciation,


Good Works lifted my spirit and Spirit because they are a Christian based organization!  I just felt so blessed when they came.  The volunteers were good Christian people with great personalities who did their job well.  

I feel so blessed that I was shown His love and that His Spirit overflows from these folks - it made me cry with joy!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


I feel loved on by my community.  I am a single, hardworking mom and I just have such relief that there are people who helped me.  The Good Works volunteers are so sweet and they're selfless and help people.  The one ambassador who came to talk and pray with me made me feel loved by God. Sometimes you are alone and feel helpless but they reminded me that I'm not.  

All of the people, all of the things that I witnessed (like a total stranger who was led to help pour cement) just emphasized to me that God is great.  I am a believer but it was a great help to remind me of God's love.  It was such a help to have Good Works come and remind me of God's love.

Neverending thanks,