Welcome to Good Works, Inc.

We are a Christian nonprofit organization which exists to improve the living conditions for low-income families in Chester County, PA. We transform substandard houses into warmer, safer, and drier homes; and despair into hope. Our services are offered to homeowners at no cost and volunteers do most of the repairs.


Our goal is to see the inhabitants of these homes rise above their level of poverty and experience a richness through being cared for and knowing that their circumstances matter to their community. We believe that everyone benefits when people from different races, cultures, and backgrounds join together in a common purpose.

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Bryn Gillette


"This painting has three levels beginning with a foundation of hands of service surrounding the Good Works logo.   Reaching through the logo is the Savior's hand, grasping a hammer - the tool of the carpenter, the tool used at the cross now empty and centered on the canvas.   The grand architect - Jesus is working through volunteers' hands building God's kingdom as angels look on."  -  Bryn Gillette

During the A Portrait of Good Works event on Saturday evening, prophetic artist Bryn Gillette created a masterpiece capturing the essence of Good Works.  

See a time lapse video of the painting at: http://goodworks.visitccc.com/   

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Good Works Inspirational Video Portfolio

Our VIDEOS provide a firsthand glimpse of why Good Works was founded, what Good Works does and why our help is needed more than ever.  Just click on the link below to learn more about us...

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