Homeowner Testimonials

This experience has changed how I look at things.  People are so much more giving and helpful than I expected.  The Good Works volunteers were just a bunch of fun loving, crazy people who are really nice & considerate.  

I had no means of repairing my home and Good Works made repairs that enable me to continue to live in my home.  Thank you!

The fact that the Good Works volunteers give of their time and talent has help make Jesus' love more real to me.  

So hopeful & thankful now,


I now have hope for a brighter future! There was a lot of hope that was given to me just by working with all of the good people of Good Works.  The love and encouragement and all of the hard work filled my heart.  We are going to be so much warmer this year - I feel so much safer now as well.

The Good Works volunteers were amazing - so many kind, caring people with such good hearts! They did their work with love and it showed.  I appreciate each and every one of them and think fondly of the hours when we were working together.  The volunteers made the work go quickly and I so enjoyed the times that they were here.

My view of religion stayed the same but I have a great love for Christian people.  They are some of the kindest, most caring, selfless people that you meet.  They sure lived out their faith!

So grateful for everything and everyone,


The Good Works folks were very kind and helpful to me.  They provided all of the help that I could get.  I am so thankful for and send blessings to each and every one of them.  I loved every one of them.  I want to keep them here!

I was asked about everything that they worked on and had a say in the process.  The Good Works volunteers were open to my questions and I didn't give them a hard time.  :-)

I thank God for the people who worked in my house and for all of the work that they did!

Forever thankful,


Good Works gave me stability in my house.  I was able to stay longer than I would have otherwise.  The folks from Good Works were God loving peoplle who were kind and polite.

My favorite part was spending time with the ambassadors who I loved.  And let's not forget the delicious lunches and cookies.  

I was encouraged by this experience as it showed that there is one God for everyone and one Love!

Love & thankfulness to all,