Homeowner Testimonials

We didn't expect that the repairs would be so extensive - I thougth that maybe they would help with a missing piece of siding or maybe some deck repairs - I was absolutely speechless when we were told what repairs they planned to do. Our house was starting to look like no one loved it.  We're now proud of our home again and so happy that we met all of these great volunteers!

Good Works has impacted our lives in so many ways: making new friends, finally feeling like our home wasn't falling apart around us and finally having a relationship with God again.  I was feeling very alone as I watched Dana's memory fail and was terrified that I would be alone watching her mental health deteriorate.  I feel like I have a support system in place now.  And our dog Jack loved the days when Good Works was here - he is really going to miss all of his new friends.  

We couldn't have asked for a more terrific Good Works team! We never heard a raised voice, everyone always had a smile on their face and seemed to enjoy what they were doing. We made new friends and also found a great church! I haven't had a relationship with God since I was 9 years old up until now!   

We got the best of the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this life changing experience!

Beyond grateful

Gillian and Dana

Good Works has been a mojor component in my grief recovery, my living stability, my living safety, and my social interaction when I was isolated.  These folks cleaned out and repaired my home which restored my feeling of security.  My home is dry now everywhere! I can actually lock my front and back doors and feel safe in my home again.

The Good Works volunteers were the most wonderful group of people ever! They worked hard while they were "joking" around trying to figure out probems and kept me a part of it.  They were kind and showed love and compassion to me.  

My interaction with everyone has reinforced my faith that God never leaves us. He sends in His messengers to help all of us get through our hard lessons so that we can continue to help each other.

So thankful for this experience,

Mary Edith

Everything Good Works accomplished has enabled me to stay in my home. New roof, new plumbing, new electric, new front door, new retaining wall - so thankful for all of these repairs.  

The awesome Good Works volunteers renewed my faith in humanity.  They were/are good, kind, pleasant people who were willing to give of their time. I cannot even say what my favorite part about this experience was because I loved everything!

Feeling thankful for it all,


I am very thankful for Good Works!  They made my home more safe and I just knew that all of the work was going to get done.  That was a huge weight off my chest!

The volunteers were so uplifting!  I enjoyed interacting with them.  And this experience increased my faith in God!!

Feeling blessed,