Homeowner Testimonials

This experience with Good Works has made me feel that I am not alone.  I know now that there is good support and help when needed.  I found the volunteers to be: lovingm, caring, supportive, understanding, friendly and respectful of me and my children. 

I feel very blessed.  The social, spiritual interaction and connection that I had with Mrs. J and her family helped me to feel loved.

I now want to be a blessing to someone else...

Feeling loved and blessed,


Good Works has changed my life.  They have done so much and much more than expected that I don't even know how to express my thankfulness. Every single one of the volunteers, even if they only came once, were so nice and helpful and cheerful, without expecting anything from me.  I felt waited on - it was too much in a good way. 

It was a wonderful group from Good Works (even if the makeup of the group has changed).  The people were amazing...no job was too little or too much to do.

This whole experience has made me apreciate what people can/will/do with His (God's) guidance!.

Grateful for Good Works,


One of the blessings of having Good Works work at my home is that I got to know the volunteers individually.  These folks were very nice, very kind and just the best! They were so willing to listen and to do what was needed.  

I really connected with these brothers and sisters in Christ.  There was mutual love there!

So grateful and blessed,


This is not the first time that Good Works has helped me.  Good Works is able to do what I cannot and they are nice people to work with.

I made new friends and I especially enjoyed speaking with Ambassador Kathy about our relationship with the Lord.  

Thankful for Good Works,


Good Works has made a great impact on my life.  My house is safe and secure because of Good Works.  

I love my team.  They were so friendly, caring and were great to me.  I will miss them. 

My parents have a relationship with God (in Heaven) and I was able to see the relationship with God in the people who fixed my house.

Sincerest thanks,


The changes that Good Works did have made things better and easier.  The volunteers were great people who were willing workers - no matter what.  They showed kindness and seemed to love making improvements.  This really impacted my granddaughters.  The workers impressed my grandchildren so much that they want to volunteer.

Also, reading scripture has had a big impact on my faith.  This would not have been possible without Good Works and the ambassadors who visited with me.

I am so very thankful,