Our Mission and Vision

Mission - Transforming lives by repairing homes for low income families and sharing the hope found in Jesus Christ.


Vision - Repairing homes and restoring hope in communities nationwide.  

Our Core Values

We are compelled by the love of Christ.   Christ has called us, as in the story of the Good Samaritan, to help our neighbor in need. We do so in humility and without expectation so that our service reflects the love and compassion of Christ Jesus. Our desire is that everyone experience the hope, joy and dignity found in Jesus Christ.


We uphold the dignity of all people.   Every individual, regardless of race, culture, or situation is made in God’s image and valued by Him. Therefore, we respect each other, striving to enhance each individual’s emotional, spiritual, relational and physical well-being. We believe in fairness, transparency, integrity and honesty.


We enjoy serving.   We find joy exercising our God-given gifts and talents in service to others. We encourage, care for, and learn from each other as we work together.


We improve the community.  We make our community a better place to live and work by caring for the needs of people living in inadequate and unhealthy houses.


We act responsibly.  We manage funds prudently, treat people fairly, and use materials resourcefully.  We guard the public trust and reputation of Good Works at all times.

Belief Statement

God’s plan for us is revealed in the Bible where it is written that all who trust in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as their Lord & Savior will one day spend eternity with Him in Heaven. In response to God’s unrequited love, mercy and grace towards us, we are compelled to serve others and share His love with them.