General Work Day

Is your church group, business, family, or friends looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of homeowners living in substandard homes? Good Works uses groups of enthusiastic volunteers to help low-income homeowners with home repair needs.


Due to workday logistics and materials needed, all groups must schedule in advance. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator by phone at 610-383-9247 or by email

Partner Church

Partner Church is an aspect of Good Works where churches partner with us by providing regular volunteers and workday leaders to complete home repairs for a homeowner and see the process through from beginning to end. They care for their “adopted” families in other ways too, such as ongoing emotional support and prayer. When homeowners and volunteers come together regularly, often lasting relationships result—enriching the lives and faith of both.


The Partner Church outreach embraces the true meaning of active, living faith and provides opportunities to extend God’s love in a variety of ways. In 2020, 20 churches participated in supporting Good Works in this capacity. 


The Good Works mission crosses denominational boundaries. We welcome a variety of area churches into our Partner Church family. If you would like more information about how your church can become a Partner Church, please contact our Outreach Director, Deb Lego, at 610-383-6311 ext 103, or by email.