Workday Leadership Opportunities

After serving as a regular workday volunteer, a number of people make a commitment to fill the role of a workday leader. These Volunteer Leadership Roles are vital to the organization: 

Work Crew Leader -

Plans the projects to be accomplished on the workday, manages the volunteers doing the repairs on the home, promotes safety and quality workmanship, coordinates cleanup at the end of the workday and plans the projects and materials needed for the next workday. 

Technical Staff -

Requires a good working knowledge of one or more of the following areas: electrical work, roofing, carpentry, and/or plumbing. The Tech Staff responds to emergency needs, completes the more technical repair work, and provides on-the-job training for volunteers. 

Ambassador -

A Good Works Ambassador serves God on workdays by sharing His love with homeowners, their families, neighbors and volunteers. As the Lord leads, an Ambassador focuses on building trusting relationships and interweaves a spiritual component to the home repair service that Good Works provides. An Ambassador encourages people to seek and deepen a relationship with Jesus. They are willing to put their faith into action by listening, encouraging, sharing the Gospel, and praying with and for their homeowners. An Ambassador provides holistic care to those we are called to serve through the ministry of Good Works.

Shed Manager -

Maintains the general organization of our storage facilities where building materials and tools are stored. The Shed Manager should possess good organization skills, a sense of structure and neatness, the ability to develop a system that others can easily understand and use, plus have a joy for bringing order to a project.

Materials Coordinator -

Assists the workday staff and volunteers by delivering materials, supplies, and equipment to the work site. The Materials Coordinator may use the Good Works truck or their own. They will purchase supplies/materials prior to the workday and follow the delivery and pickup schedule for the day. 

Volunteer Work Day Leaders Recognition

Each year we recognize our workday leaders at each of our April Saturday workdays in Coatesville, West Chester, and Phoenixville. We have approximately 160 volunteers who serve yearly as leaders in those three communities, committed to one workday a month.


We recognize these faithful workday leaders by engraving their names on a plaque, which is displayed in our warehouses where volunteers meet each workday. Workday leaders are appreciated for 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of service. To see this year's list, please click here.

Strategic Leadership Opportunities

Strategic Committees

Good Works employs volunteer leaders on its seven (7) Strategic Committees.   These committees report to the Board of Directors.  

  • Faith Committee - Articulates and safeguards the theological boundaries that ensure the integrity of Good Works.  Oversees the Ambassador ministry.
  • Operations Committee - Oversees home repair processes and progress and shares best practices.  Membership limited to Workday Operations Directors.
  • Human Resources Committee - Develops and enforces policies and procedures for managing paid and volunteer staff.
  • Finance Committee - Financial Management including budgeting, audits, investment strategy and accountability.
  • Fund Raising Committee - Raises the income Good Works needs to achieve its mission and vision on an annual basis.
  • Replication Committee - Oversees Good Works expansion beyond Chester County
  • Governance Committee - Responsible for determining Board membership and measures the quality of performance of the Board as a whole and its individual members.

Committee terms are generally two (2) years in duration with term limits (if any) defined by the committee.  for additional information or to apply for Committee membership contact:

Action Teams

Action Teams are established for special projects and events.  For additional information or to apply for  Action Team membership contact the respective Team Leader.


Current Action Teams

  • Public Relations   Seeking copywriters, videographers, graphic artists, social media mavens and content managers.    Contact:
  • Audit    Serves as an independent reviewer of Good Works Financial Reports and annual Audit.